Freestanding Hinged Mast – 10m


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Key Features

  • Hot dip galvanised and can be powder coated or painted in the colour of your choice
  • Engineered Pad or Pile foundation extra, please enquire
  • Mast head tilts all the way to ground level for easy access
  • Eliminates the need for EWPs (Elevated Work Platform)
  • Simple, practical design making operation a very safe procedure
  • Mounts any type of antenna with offset brackets (bracket in photo extra)
  • 90mm galvanised box section
  • Base Plate hole centres are 200mm x 210mm
  • This mast can be customised to individual requirements, including:
    • Grounding/surge protection to protect equipment against lightning
    • Mast head design allowing for antenna array, sectors, etc.
    • Additional mounting brackets along length of mast
    • Stand off bars, access doors, boxes, etc.
    • Multiple sizes available.

A heads up!

  • Brackets extra (brackets shown in image are extra).


  • This product has been specifically designed to meet a demand for a tall independent antenna mast that can be lowered allowing for convenient adjustments and or maintenance of mounted equipment
  • The pivoting design of this mast means that it can be lowered by the individual before re-raising and locking into place
  • Perfect for mine sites, airports, and rural facilities, these masts offer a simple, safe, and effective method of RF equipment maintenance that can be carried out by one or two people
  • The lowering mast is the ideal solution where space is limited and cherry pickers are not feasible
  • The height of the mast also lends itself for use by clients looking to mount antennas high enough to clear trees or other obstructions in order to receive a clearer and stronger signal
  • Future proofing comes in the form of convenient access to the mast head, and as new technology becomes available you can easily replace/upgrade antennas, radios etc. to ensure that you are achieving the best performance possible
  • The tower shown has a Custom Mast Head installed.

Engineer approved recommendation

  • Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure, it can prove invaluable to have an engineer approved recommendation for solutions that will accommodate your particular project.
  • We offer a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, providing a detailed report that you can use for the planning of communication assets.
Please contact us for:
  • alternative size masts
  • multiple mast orders, trade pricing and to discuss customisation of mast/s for a specific project
  •  for expected lead times for masts and towers.
  • Correct Engineered Pile or pad foundation
  • Freight costing – due to the size of this mast the freight has to be calculated utilising a specialised freight agent

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