XPOL MIMO 3G+4GX High Gain Panel Antenna – 700-900 MHz


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Key Features

  • Dual-polarised antenna feed with high isolation
  • Industrial grade weatherproof FRP radome
  • High gain, high F/B ratio
  • Two integrated N Female connectors
  • 700 MHz 4GX with full Next-G & 3G fallback.


  • This heavy duty panel antenna provides an incredibly high gain over the new Telstra and Optus 700 MHz 4G networks, along with full fallback onto Next-G and 3G networks (850 MHz and 900 MHz)
  • This antenna has been carefully designed to provide the highest practical gain on the new 700 MHz 4G networks, ideal for long range Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ connections, and locations where signal strengths are extremely low
  • The XPOL700-900 also offers best-in-class performance for 900 MHz point to point/multipoint wireless links
  • Offering a very low VSWR and <-140 dBc PIM, this antenna is not only ideal for tough receiver environments, but is suitable for broadcast and carrier operations while offering best-in-class performance
  • The unavoidable limitation of operating on such a low frequency is its long wavelength, and as such the antenna is quite large. Consequently this antenna strictly requires a minimum 50mm diameter mounting pole, such as a Heavy Duty Galvanised Mast.

A heads up!

  • This antenna is large and of considerable weight.
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